Finally we are having a Logo on our shop. It might be a bit smaller as we thought but we are one step closer in opening our shop. 

We are so excited. The first paintings are going on the wall and they look great in the lights. 

And on the other side of the shop the first film posters are up. 

Our new Artoluso van. Large enough to get even our biggest pieces delivered.

We are happy to announce that we will open our gallery on Monday next week. So excited.

We are open and running. This week we are open from 10am till 4pm. Looking forward to seeing you. 

We have a great selection of Djeco arts and craft boxes in our shop. There are boxes for every age from 18 months up. These are beautiful and so much fun.

We have some lovely new art in. These three art pieces are by Joel Arnstein, an artist now based in Berwick. Joel Arnstein is a painter, printmaker, sculptor, designer, teacher, inventor, writer and poet. He has painted and drawn since early childhood, attended sculpture classes at Guildford Art School and later studied art and design at Brighton University.

Our window is nearly ready for Berwick‘s Riding of the Bounds. These little balloon horses are so much fun.

We have some new artists coming. All should be ready and set for Saturday the 30th September. 

Susie Wright is a London born artist who lives and works in Hannover. Susie studied Art and Design at Sir John Cass School of Art, London and Art History at Leeds University. After working as an art teacher and lecturer she has been working as an artist full time since 2020. She has exhibited in Germany, France and the UK and a number of her works are in private collections in the UK, USA, Netherlands and Germany.


Sanders Nicolson has studied cinematography and has enjoyed a successful career in fashion photography and advertising. Sanders has always been committed to Fine Art photography and printmaking and since moving to the Scottish borders he has found his creative outlet in painting. 


Both artists have created a series of paintings related to the universe, space, atmosphere and galaxies. 


We will be exhibiting paintings from two different series by Susie. One was inspired by Earth day andexpresses a sense of wonder at the planet and the universe we inhabit. The second series is called ‘Atmosphere’ and is inspired by the juxtaposition of the spectacular colour of skies that are in part due to man-made air born particles. The landscapes are viewed from inside architectural forms which create both shelter and an evocative vista.


From Sanders we will be exhibiting a series called Galaktic. Sanders work is fluid and reminiscent of the first pictures that came back from the James Webb telescope, although as the work was produced before the first pictures from the telescope Sanders himself questions if the pictures were “prescient or what!”. Sanders will spend a lot of time pre-thinking about colour themes and composition until he finds direction which is then often determined by his mood at the time the work is fixed onto canvas. 


Both Susie and Sanders invite the viewer to explore their thoughts and emotions in their unique way.