Joel Arnstein

Raymond Campbell

Raymond Campbell was born in 1956 and became a full-time professional painter at the age of 22, having travelled the world studying the paintings and techniques of the Old Masters. Since then he has honed his skills to become, arguably, the most successful still life painter working in the UK today. His work has been exhibited in many major galleries throughout the UK including the Royal Academy and the Royal Society of British Artists as well as being features in exhibitions all over the world in particular Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Recently Raymond Campbell has produced a series of highly successful 1950s/1960s retro robot paintings based on his vintage robot collection. His original oil painting "Dreamland Restoration Robot, Margate" showing a robot helping to restore the iconic Margate Theme Park, Dreamland, was a huge success when it was exhibited at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition. Since then Raymond Campbell has painted a serious ofw original oil paintings featuring retro styled robots in bizarre and hilarious situations.


Cart1 (based in Lyon and Costa Rica) is working as a graffiti artist and graphic designer since 1989 and has worked in collaborations with many other urban artists. After his studies in applied arts he was involved in organising street art festivals such as the “Street Art Communication festival” in Kosice, European capital of culture in 2013 and “Killerart” in Barranquilla in Colombia. 

Working as a graffiti artist most of Cart1’s work are larger murals. One of his characteristics are the isolated characters and elements, which find themselves integrated into the place in which he paints his graffiti. These characters are often described as quirky, loving and dreamlike. “As far as I can remember, I have always loved 3D and trompe l'oeil” explains Cart1 and for this reason he likes to work with black and white, painting his characters. Other influences author of novels and short stories of anticipation Philip K. Dick, “I like his thought because it questions our perceptions and that is what motivates my job: to disrupt reality”.


Tara Cranswick is born in Zimbabwe and currently lives and works in London. Using only oil paint, she creates a rich and varied surface built up of brushstrokes, drips, blobs, washes, smears and calligraphic flourishes. Any hint of figratuve content – a house on a hill, a river, a market – evaporates almost as soon as it is glimpsed, a mirage produced by the swirling, frenetic paint.”

Craig Davison

Craig Davison is an artist based in Yorkshire and is working from his studio there. Craig Davidson’s art has developed from his initial starting as a comic book artist, gradually moving into sculpture and then computer-generated graphics for video games. All of these techniques have allowed Craig to develop his unique artistic style, encapsulating comic book style posing within a fine art medium. 


Matt Dixon

Lucas Dupuy

Lucas Dupuy was born 1992 in London, where he currently lives and works. 

In his art Lucas Dupuy creates abstracted works through a stylistic combination of painting drawing and design. He has developed a distinctive artistic language that aims to find an intersection between both language and form and in making things that bridge these elements. There is an evident influence of the monumental dynamic materials and constructs of Brutalist architecture of the 20th century in his paintings and drawings and he wants to show the relationship between perspective, composition and structure. 

About his work he says that within his practice he is exploring relationships between architecture, nature, language and form. It really varies how he gets started on a piece of work, he spends a lot of time drawing, this really informs the painting and the sculpture and helps him get started on ideas for larger work. Also looking at photographs and listening to music helps the process too.

Ben Grasso

Helen Herbert

Helen Herbert is an award winning artist who was born Scotland. She studies under John Bolam at the Art School of Cambridge in the 1970s and she worked as a children’s book illustrator and writer for about 20 years. She now works as a full time artist from her studio in North Norfolk. 


Helen Herbert uses many layers of transparent oil paint to create her images. About herself she says that she is constantly changing and improving her paintings so any preparatory drawings are redundant, but then stops when she realises that she can’t add anything more to make it better. Most her paintings are inspired by an idyllic Scottish childhood, full of memories and imagination. For the viewer the characters in her paintings look nearly dreamlike and although she is painting her own little stories, she invites the viewer to imagine their own. 

Terri Hallman

Terri Hallman was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a small town west of Milwaukee. After graduating high school Hallman attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree, specializing in Design. 

While still in school Hallman began working as a product designer, her work in this field won numerous international awards. She had a childhood fascination with the shape of things, reproducing them and then recreating their surfaces. She recalls that drawing was a continuous part of her daily routine. She still is using shapes and different textures to create most of her art. 


Herakut is a German artist duo. 

Christian Hook

Andy McKay

Louis Masai

Adam McLevey

Sanders Nicolson


Ola Rutter

Ola Rutter is an abstract artist based in West Berkshire. After her studies at Kings College University of London, Ola worked as a scientist but also always explored her artistic side and she now dedicates her time to her artwork. Ola absolutely loves the creative process and her art is carefully designed to embrace movement colour and energy. She says that she wants to lift spirit and soul and bring sunshine to the cloudiest of days with her bold and vibrant approach to contemporary art. 

She also uses her scientific background in her work. Each piece is planned with acutely exacting and detailed methods as well as she weighs and measure her own blends of acrylic paints and additives which ensures that each artistic creation is unique. 

Ellie Tate

Stevie Unknxwn

Susie Wright

Bosky Yamamoto